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Our Story

Not just any regular stay, but an inspiring
definition of "wildlife discovery"!

Bera Safari Lodge is more than just an accommodation; it is an invitation to become part of a story that celebrates nature, wildlife, and the indelible connection between leopards and shepherds.

The Bera Region

Welcome to the epitome of unique wilderness and heritage encounters.

Bera Safari Lodge welcomes you to embark on a journey transcending ordinary escapes. Here, amidst the untouched wilderness, we weave a narrative of nature’s grandeur and the mystical bond between leopards and shepherds, offering you a haven of luxury and wildlife enchantment like no other.

The Struggle And Success

A voice that gave a new life to the leopards of Bera!

Shatrunjay Pratap Singh’s 2-year mission against 140 mining leases was a revolution for conserving Bera’s leopards. Media support fuelled nationwide awareness, leading to the state’s decision to terminate mining and secure the magnificence of the leopard land.

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