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The Struggle - Legacy of Preservation
Times of India
With its rocky terrains, Bera had long been the home for leopards. But as granite mining activities intensified, these magnificent creatures faced a threat. The spirit of Shatrunjay Pratap emerged as the beacon of hope against the 140 mining leases. Despite the hurdles posed by insufficient funds and support, he kickstarted a movement, joined by locals, to safeguard Bera’s environment and the shelter of its leopards.
The Success - Victory of Conservation
Times of India
Media support played a pivotal role in echoing the noble cause nationwide as the campaign gained momentum. The impact reached the powerful, leading to discussions with the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and mining officials. The outcome? An end to mining activities in Bera, marking the conclusion of Shatrunjay Pratap’s relentless two-year battle alongside the Rabari and Dayasi tribes.
A Tale of Harmony
Times of India
Bera’s unique narrative is incomplete without the captivating bond between its leopards and shepherds. Cherish the enchanting union of the Rabari tribe and their herds with Bera’s natural predators. This symbiotic relationship, enabled over a century, showcases a rare peace where nature and tradition blend seamlessly.
JAIPUR: The Centre and the state government are moving at snail’s pace towards cancellation of mining leases granted in the vicinity of the Jawai Bandh leopard conservation reserve in Pali district even as ecological devastation continues in the area.

January 19, 2015

JAIPUR: Raising the hope for conservation of wildlife at Jawaibandh leopard conservation reserve, the state government ordered premature termination of mining leases granted in the vicinity of the reserve.

August 27, 2014

JAIPUR: The chief minister’s office on Tuesday sought reports regarding illegal mining permissions granted close to Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve in Pali district.

July 9, 2014

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